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The Who’s On First Changelog - November 2019

We’ve updated the Who’s On First changelog to include updates completed through the month of November 2019.

In November, we began updating neighbourhood, macrohood, and borough records for various localities in India. We also curated new localized label values for regions in France, fixed various name translations of localities in eight countries, and adjusted neighbourhood geometries in Scotland.

Take a look below for a more detailed changelog. A special thanks to all of our contributors - enjoy!

November 2019


  • Updated administrative records in select localities in India (issue)
  • Fixed by:
  • This work is ongoing and will update neighbourhood, borough, locality, county, and region geometries in and around ten of the most populous localities in India. Two of the ten localities were updated this month, the remaining eight will be completed in December.
  • Specific work included:
    • Updating geometries for neighbourhood, borough, locality, county, and region records in Chandigarh and Kolkata
    • Updating properties for these records, including name translations, mz: property flags, and wof: properties
    • PIP work to update wof:hierarchy and wof:parent_id properties for all records
    • Validating all geometries using osgeo, validating all records using Who’s On First’s go-whosonfirst-validate tool
    • Completing PIP work to updating or confirming all wof:hierarchy properties for all records in the India admin repository





If you’d like to contribute to Who’s On First or suggest a change, please file an issue in our public data repository.

Photo Credit: Mike Linksvayer, flickr