Data licenses

Data Licenses

Acceptable data licenses

Who's On First is an "open" project. Because Who’s On First is liberally licensed open data, we must be selective about adding new data. We either need to find a new source that is open data with a CC-BY or CC-0 license that allows commercial and derivative works or create new shapes based on local knowledge and by cross-referencing multiple sources. Ideally, this new source should be an improvement over what Who’s On First already knows about the place.

Other data licenses are not acceptable for import, as such licenses do not allow Who's On First to openly redistribute the data.

Licensing Who's On First

Crediting Who's On First is recommended and linking back to the License is required. For example:

Data from Who's On First. License.

The Who's On First dataset is both original work and a modification of existing open data. Some of those open data projects do require attribution. We have listed all sources in the full license file.

Remember, some sources require attribution, some do not. Mapzen's original work, including the format and structure that allows Who's On First to operate, is made available under a Creative Commons Zero designation, and a shout out would be lovely.

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