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The Spelunker

The Spelunker is a internal tool we built for poking around and investigating Who's On First data. It was so useful we made it public! The Spelunker lives at:

To find out more about the Who's On First API we recommend reading the 2015 blog post introducing the Spelunker and Dan Phiffer's "WOF in a Box" series (parts one and two) about setting up and running the Spelunker locally.


For any given Who's On First ID there is a permanent human-friendly rendering available from:

There is no search interface for these renderings or even a table of contents style index so you need to know which Who's On First ID you're looking for. The URL for a given place looks like this:{WHOSONFIRST_ID}.

For example here's the "places" URL for Montreal:

If you're wondering these pages exist as a fail-safe for when services like the Spelunker or the API are offline or otherwise unavailable. It's not a perfect solution but it's better than forcing people to look at raw GeoJSON files.