Updating the Who’s On First Browser to support Tailscale and Protomaps

The Who’s On First Spelunker is still running, today, but the experience highlighted the importance of having a ready alternative on hand. Something inexpensive and easy-to-maintain which, absent a searchable index, made sure there were still human, machine readable and graphical representations for every Who’s On First ID, with links to their relations, available on the web. That tool was the Who’s On First Browser. This post is about some recent, optional, features we’ve added to that tool: The ability to run it as a Tailscale virtual private service and to use Protomaps for display maps.

This is a blog post by thisisaaronland. It was published on November 14, 2022 and tagged whosonfirst, golang, browser, tailscale, protomaps, sfomuseum and wof.